Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Area Commanders glad to be "home"

Tulsa feels like home to us!  Fifteen years ago, we arrived in Tulsa for the first time, having never lived anywhere west of the Mississippi. What we found here were the most wonderful people and one of the country’s best secrets tucked into the Green Country of Oklahoma.  TULSA.  After 3 years we were moved to Fort Smith, for 3 years, then to Dallas Texas for 7 years, and then to Little Rock, for 2 years.  Much to our surprise, we find ourselves landing back in beloved Tulsa! 

Tulsa has been a pivotal place for our family.  Two of our children graduated high school from Metro Christian Academy.  One graduated from ORU, one graduated from Northeastern State University and one was a student at Western Oklahoma State for two years before finishing at U of Texas in Arlington.

What a journey!  This time we come to town having a lot more on our resume of experience.  After serving as part of the Divisional Headquarters staff in Texas, and then most recently as the Area Commanders of Central Arkansas, we come back to Tulsa, this time as the Area Commanders.

We are just so delighted to be back here and to serve with great people both with our employee staff as well as our Advisory Board and Women’s Auxiliary.We are delighted to give all that we have for the betterment of the ministry and the people of this area of Oklahoma, especially for the marginalized and suffering.

We love the ministry and we look forward to Doing the Most Good as long as we are able.
-Major April Taylor

You can read more about the Taylor's in this article from the Tulsa World. 

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