Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Football season begins

'Isn’t it too hot to play football?’ I foolishly asked when I heard that football practice started at the North Mabee Boys and Girls Club yesterday. I should know by now that it’s never too hot to play football. I felt it was too hot to even watch the kids, but football mom Janise Rowe took pity on me and graciously invited me to join her under her umbrella on the bleachers. Her son, Jonathan Rowe, is five years old and was playing football for the first time. It would be hard to exaggerate his excitement. His cousin plays high school football and he wants to be just like him. I thought it was sweet that during the frequent water breaks Jonathan would make a beeline to his mom instead of to the water jugs like the other boys.

“He knows I have the grape Gatorade,” Janise said. She is a veteran and a fan of our Boys & Girls Clubs. When they lived in Sapulpa, her daughter Jasmine was in after care at the Sapulpa Boys & Girls Club. 
“I’ve been impressed at how supportive the Salvation Army is of kids and families,” Janise said. 
Her daughter not only attended Heart of the Hills Camp in Tahlequah for several summers, she also attended Vacation Bible School in Sapulpa. “I’ve enjoyed being part of the Salvation Army system,” Janise said. And I enjoyed sitting with this football mom who shared her cool. Thanks Janise and ... go Mustangs!


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