Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shout Out to KHITS

Carly Rush is a good sport. Anyone who used to listen to Carly in the mornings on the late, great KBEZ knows that. KBEZ has changed to BOB FM and Carly is promotions director for BOB and K-HITS 106.9 FM. For the second year, Carly has headed the Stuff the K-HITS RV Campaign. Carly parked the K-HITS RV at area Walmarts from Monday to Friday last week and welcomed people who donate toys. I caught up with the KHITS RV Friday in Owasso and it took me 20 minutes just to find a parking place on the back 40.
Monday, under my excellent parking supervision, Carly started to drive the RV into our toy warehouse until Rick Thompson, our savvy maintenance manager, told me it was too tall. It meant Carly had to take the RV all the way around the building again, and the driveway had turned into an obstacle course of vans, trucks and a giant Ryder truck. She made it and I asked teenage volunteers to unload the hundreds of toys while Carly and I drank coffee and ate brownies. The Christmas season at The Salvation Army is what I call ‘crazy busy’ but it’s all worth it, especially when I can have a few relaxed minutes with a friend who cares so much about people who need help. It makes it all worthwhile. Thank you K-HITS and thank you Carly!


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