Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bellringing 101



1.      Do smile and say hello to everybody who walks by.
2.      Do be neat and wear warm and clean clothes.
3.      Do what the manager of the store asks you to do.
4.      Do say “Thank You” to everyone, no matter what amount they put in your Kettle.
5.      Do be courteous at all times.
6.      Do have fun; you are raising money to help needy children for Christmas.


1.      Don’t ask for money.
2.      Don’t eat at the Kettle.
3.      Don’t smoke, or use smokeless tobacco at the Kettle.
4.      Don’t argue with anyone at the Kettle.
5.      Don’t make change for anyone.
6.      Don’t sit down while at the Kettle.
7.      Don’t shop while you are on duty.
8.      Don’t ring the bell too loud, or in anyone’s face.
9.      Don’t have friends or anyone else hanging around the Kettle.
10.  Don’t ever leave the Kettle unattended.
11.  Don’t wear any clothing or hats with logos or advertisements on them.


Are you interested in volunteering as a bell ringer this year? Call 918-587-7801 and ask for Rhonda.

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