Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Tons of Books Donated to Boys & Girls Clubs

More than three tons of children’s books were delivered Wednesday to the Salvation Army’s six Boys & Girls Clubs in the Tulsa area. The books were donated by Save the Children and came from the Heineman-Raintree Publishers. Gloria Kelley, a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, spearheaded the project to get books in the hands of children who might not have books of their own. Gloria said that Bruce Treadway with the Oklahoma Education Association was also instrumental in securing the books. The books are primarily non-fiction and suitable to school children of all ages. At the Salvation Army West Mabee Boys & Girls Club, kids attending Summer Day Camp got to help staff unpack the books. (Below are Jaylen Crawford, Kayla Sharp & Tyra Mason.)
Some of the books will be shelved in the club’s computer room, and duplicates will be sent home with the kids to keep. During the unpacking and sorting the kids picked out their favorites. The West Mabee girls liked a book named “Clean and Healthy,” while the boys were more interested in “Ancient Egypt: Pharohs & Priests” and “Life in a Hopi Village.” David Litterell, Executive Director of all the clubs, said he was extremely appreciative of Gloria’s work coordinating the project. Judging from the kids’ excitement, they are very appreciative too!

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