Monday, July 19, 2010

Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club Visits Art Gallery

Take one of the most upscale shopping areas in Tulsa, put 39 excited kids in it, add two artists and one very patient rescue dog named Sweetie and you can get a picture of the Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club field trip to Abersons Exhibits art gallery in Brookside.

The field trip was organized by Miss LaDonna, the Young Rembrandts art teacher and volunteer at Mabee Red Shield. All year, she teaches the kids about famous artists and how they work. This was the first time the kids had a chance to meet a Tulsa-based artist, Kim Fonder, and attend an exhibit in an art gallery. “Did you know that some grownups go to a city and see an art gallery and they’re afraid to go in?” she asked the kids. “How many of you are going to go into another art gallery when you get the chance?” Every hand in the room shot up. The kids had many questions about Ms. Fonder’s large abstract expressionist paintings. She has shown and sold paintings all over the country and abroad and her works are also in many private collections in Tulsa. She helped the kids with their own art project, drawing something meaningful to them with only one marker. Afterward, the kids who stood up and shared what their drawing was about were given prizes. “Some artists are shy about showing and talking about their art but now you can see how important it is,” Ms. Fonder said. Overall, the kids were well behaved and shyness didn’t seem to be a problem. Thank you Miss LaDonna and Ms. Fonder for the inspiring field trip!


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