Friday, May 28, 2010

What Have We Got? EDGE!

Frisbees were flying, water bottles were being tossed across the gym and the leader was shouting, “What have we got?” as participants shouted back,“ EDGE!” The scene was a little wild at the Sand Springs Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club last week and there wasn’t a kid in the building.

The club hosted the annual Boys & Girls Club All State, All Staff Leadership Conference Wed., May 26 & Thurs., May 27. More than a hundred people attended the conference to learn from each other’s experiences and to hear presentations from national and regional Boys & Girls Club managers. “It was an honor to have so many people at our club, and the information was excellent,” said Greg Parker, Unit Director of the Sand Springs club and a member of the state conference committee. Some of the topics covered were attracting and retaining teens, strengthening families and creating good citizens.  One of the presentations used the acronym “BUIC” to describe the Boys & Girls Club philosophy of what clubs are all about: belonging, usefulness, influence and competence. “For example, if you have a kid who isn’t a good athlete, put him or her to work announcing games,” said Fay Beard, Boys & Girls Club Regional Service Director. “Then that kid has a sense of belonging, usefulness to the team, influence with the other kids and competence as he or she improves skills.” What have we got, Tulsa Area Boys & Girls Club? A successful state conference!


Photos: Front row, from left: Greg Parker, Sand Springs Club Unit Director; Teresa Walch, VP of SW Region; Robin Schmidt, Regional Services Director for National Boys & Girls Clubs; Pam Hodges, Director of Training for National Boys & Girls Clubs. Back row: Lynn Edwards, CPO of McAlester Boys & Girls Club; Fay Beard, SW Regional Service Director; Elaina Ouimet, SW Regional Service Director; David Litterell, Executive Director, Tulsa Area Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs; Joel Mabrey, SW Regional Representative for Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs.

 Conference participants enjoying lunch and games at the Sand Springs club.

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