Monday, February 15, 2010

A sweet note from a client

Dear Salvation Army,

When I heard about your Christmas Angel Tree program, I decided to fill out an application to help my elderly mother receive a Christmas gift.

Little did I know that I would get a gift for Mom and so many groceries.  We received a turkey, potatoes, chicken, milk, brownies and more.  What a blessed Christmas!! My Mom got a beautiful new red sweater for Christmas, which she liked a lot.

You are such a blessing to the community.  I also got help earlier this year with my AEP bill.  Thanks.

The Tulsa community should have a Salvation Army Day and throw a big party for The Salvation Army and everyone could come and bless your employees.

Detria H.

I love getting sweet notes like this one.  All of us at The Salvation Army are very lucky to get to serve our community, no party is needed! Thanks for sharing Detria!  ~Lindsay

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