Monday, February 22, 2010

FOX 23 Feature on the Homeless: Can Anyone Find Sabrina?

Did you see Mia Fleming’s feature story on homelessness on Fox 23 Thursday night? It was a moving, in-depth piece which Mia filmed mostly with a mini camcorder. Much of it was shot at our Center of Hope, where Mia spent hours interviewing guests and hanging out in the lobby. Mia has received calls from people who want to help two of the homeless people in the piece, Sabrina and here= son Skylar. We appreciate the callers’ generosity, but please remember there are hundreds of people like Sabrina and Skylar that we help every day at our Center of Hope. Please watch the video and e-mail us if you know where Sabrina and Skylar can be found. And remember, you can help hundreds of homeless people in Tulsa by donating to The Salvation Army. Just mail a check to The Salvation Army, PO Box 397, Tulsa, OK 74101 and note “Center of Hope.”


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