Friday, July 19, 2013

Keeping our kids 'Safe From Harm'

Staff and Volunteers trained on child abuse recognition and prevention

Each year thousands of kids pass through the hallways of The Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club of Metro Tulsa.  With each kid that passes through those hallways is a promise, a promise that we will do our best to keep them safe from harm.  

Our top goal is to ensure that each child that comes to us is able to enjoy a fun and safe environment.  We are able to meet this goal through a class called “Safe from Harm”.  Safe from Harm is a training that is require of every volunteer and employee who work with children, in addition to passing a background check.  

Safe From Harm has six objectives:
1.      Educate leaders and workers about prevention of abuse or accidental injury.
2.      Enable leaders and workers to develop procedures and practices that reduce these risks.
3.      Protect adults from mistaken or groundless allegations.
4.      Reduce liability for Salvation Army units.
5.      Build parental confidence in Army programs, and
6.      Prepare Army representatives to respond should an incident or accident occur

Safe from Harm teaches volunteers and employees signs of child abuse and what to do if they spot one of the signs.  There are different levels of safe from harm classes depending on your position and how in depth you’d like your knowledge to be.  Safe from Harm teaches the most up to date research on abuse, prevention, and general child safety. 

We take our children’s safety seriously and do everything in our power to keep them “Safe from Harm”. 

- Jenny

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