Friday, May 17, 2013

What does The Salvation Army mean to volunteers?

Volunteers are nothing new to The Salvation Army, but sometimes we put so much work into getting the volunteers to volunteer that we forget to ask about their experiences with us. With this being Salvation Week I decided now would be a good time to rectify the situation.  Recently I got to speak with Robert, the manager of a Murphy’s gas station, who contacted us because his company wanted their employees to be more involved in their local communities.

I asked Robert what made him choose TSA for their volunteer project and he said something that no matter how many times I hear it never ceases to impress me. “Our group wanted to give back to the community and wanted an organization known for doing a lot of good, so TSA was the first to come to mind.”

Throughout my conversation with Robert about his group’s experience, the recurring theme was that they wanted a place where they could help out and see the benefit of all their hard work.  He certainly chose the right place to come. Toward the end of the interview I asked Robert what exactly TSA meant to him as a volunteer. His response?  “A place that is there for the community and that is there to help. If we volunteer for a  place like that, then we too are helping!”

P.S. If you’re curious Robert’s group volunteered at our Sapulpa Boys & Girls Club, giving the club a little TLC before summer camp begins.

Q. & A. with Robert

Q. What did your volunteer group do?
A. We painted hallways of the Sapulpa Boys &Girls Club. We finished the mural of "Wall of  the Thunders," deep cleaned the club, painted an office by swimming pool, and helped get the outside in tip-top shape. We also moved the outside furniture around.

Q. What did you think of your experience?
 A. We had a good experience, it made everyone feel good to help know they are helping the kids and felt good about donating our time.

Q. Would you recommending volunteering to other groups?
 A. Yes, because it was well coordinated. We were able to do tasks and projects that once we were done were able to see improvement and see the results."

Q. What would you say to people who say they are too busy to volunteer?
 A.Everyone is busy but  but actually finding time to do this and give back to the community is worthwhile and you should do it. -Jenny

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