Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank God for nerds!

Anthony Baucum is a remarkable young man. I first read about him in a story in the Tulsa World  in which he said he would give part of the proceeds from his t-shirt company’s launch party to The Salvation Army. About an hour after I read the story, he called to tell me in person and to ask that a Salvation Army representative be on KOKI-Fox 23 with him to promote the party. I could hardly wait to meet him because he named his company “I’m a nerd” and indeed he was. That is, if working hard, being generous and constantly learning and creating is nerdish, Anthony has it down. At 20, he works full time job, goes to college full time and puts any time left over into his company.  I don’t think he needs much sleep. The TV appearance was successful and Anthony ended up donating his entire net income from the launch party to The Salvation Army.

 Hanging out with Anthony reminded me of the first time I discovered Major Williams’s sense of humor. We were in route to a meeting and talking about our high school years. We both graduated from high school in Virginia, but on opposite sides of the state.  I told Major that I had been the editor of my high school’s literary magazine so I must have been a nerd. “And you’re thinking that changed when?” he asked without missing a beat.  I’m proud to be included in any group with a young man like Anthony, no matter what it’s called. Nerds rule!


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