Monday, July 11, 2011

Glass Flowers Bloom for Mabee Red Shield

About 20 kids from the Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club recently learned how to create glass flowers at the Tulsa Glassblowing Studio. Young Rembrandts art teacher Miss LaDonna arranged for the Club’s older kids, counselors, counselors-in-training and staff to take the class.

The Glassblowing Studio is a non-profit organization, and it covered the cost of the kids’ tuition with scholarships. The class started with a professional glass artist demonstrating how to heat a metal rod with some glass on the end in a furnace. The students then dipped the glowing glass into different colored glass chips to form the stem. Afterward, the glass went back into the fire to melt the chips. In its heated state, the kids shaped petals with giant tweezers and pulled the glass to create a stem. Then the glass flower was put in a kiln to cool over several days. Students retrieved their artwork later to take home. Many thanks to Tulsa Glassblowing Studio staff for giving Mabee Red Shield an experience they will always remember!


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