Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Half Krugerrand Found in Tulsa Kettle

A gold half Krugerrand was found yesterday in a Salvation Army kettle.The coin, made of a half ounce of gold, is valued at $680. The kettle was located at at Reasor’s Foods at 15th and Lewis. Up until last year, a Krugerrand (an African coin made of an ounce of gold) was dropped in a Salvation Army kettle in Tulsa for the last 15 years. No one ever identified the person who contributed the Krugerrands.  Last year, it was found in a kettle in Oklahoma City.

This coin was different from former Krugerrands given in Tulsa in that it was wrapped in a paper with “Merry Christmas” at the top, and typewritten lines from “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens underneath. In past years, the Krugerrand  has  been wrapped in a dollar bill.

“We are thankful to whoever the generous peron is who gave us the half Krugerrand, because every year Tulsans watch for it to appear in a kettle. But we are also thankful to every person who drops a coin or bill in the kettle,” said Major Williams. The Salvation Army bought gifts and food for 3,500 Tulsa families with contributions from the kettles and Angel Trees this year.


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