Monday, September 20, 2010

Food for Hope Winners Fill Up Their Tanks!

Who could be more deserving of a $1,000 QuikTrip gift card than a person who works three jobs, is married with three kids and drives a Dodge Durango that gets 10 miles to the gallon? That person is Allen Martin, and he picked up his QuikTrip gift card today at the 31st and Garnett Rib Crib where his receipt was entered in the Food for Hope drawing. 
During Food for Hope Week, Aug. 9-13, restaurants agreed to give 15 percent of the tabs of patrons who entered Food for Hope to raise money for meals for the homeless. All the money went to the meal program at the Center of Hope homeless shelter which serves an average of 1,000 meals a day.  Allen was joined by Rib Crib waitress Hannah Philbeck (both left) who won a $100 QT card. Hannah says she visits QuikTrip two to three times a day to buy a 32 ounce cup of sweetened iced tea. Congratulations to Allen and Hannah and many thanks to QuikTrip and Rib Crib for supporting Food for Hope.
Writer’s Note:
Am I a little eccentric for thinking of my favorite QuikTrip as “MY” QuikTrip? QT is so woven into our culture, I can’t imagine Tulsa without it. My favorite item is a decaf skinny latte. Allan’s favorite is a breakfast sandwich and Hannah has her tea. Where’s “YOUR” QuikTrip and what do you buy there? This inquiring mind wants to know! 


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