Monday, June 28, 2010

Young Rembrandts Create Art at Philbrook

Every second Saturday of the month, the Philbrook Museum of Art holds  Family Day and Mabee Red Shield’s Young Rembrandts art teacher Miss LaDonna has been helping her students and their families participate in it. Classes, scavenger hunts and tours of the Philbrook Museum and Villa are offered to families free of charge. “So far, nine of my students and their families have participated, with two of them coming several times,” Miss LaDonna said. One of the requirements for participation is for parents to bring their kids. 
 “I give the kids my cell phone number and tell them to call me when they are on their way to the museum. Then I meet the families at the door,” Miss LaDonna said. 
She often works beside the families while they work on art projects.  Sat., June 12 the art project was creating scarab necklaces to go along with the “Egyptian Treasures” exhibit at the museum. (see slideshow) “Some of the children are fascinated with the Philbrook Villa, the part of the museum that was built by the late oilman Waite Phillips. “There’s one child who likes to spend hours walking around the villa and talking about it,” LaDonna said. “Whatever they want to do, that’s what I do.”   

Thank you, Miss LaDonna, for the time and love you give the Young Rembrandts inside and outside the classroom!

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